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The 10 Best Budget Hotels in Amsterdam – Last Minute City Breaks

The 10 Best Budget Hotels in Amsterdam

Netherlands’ beating heart and vibrant soul, Amsterdam attracts multitudes of tourists, crowding its canals and narrow streets each year, beguiled by the city’s unique and excellently preserved historical attractions, magnificent art collections, wild nightlife and romantic canals – not to mention the notorious Red Light District.

Such popularity always boosts hotel prices a bit, but you do not have to worry a thing. There are plenty of excellent budget accommodation options for you across the city, and we have gathered here the 10 best of them! Check them out!

1. Volkshotel


Southeast of the legendary canal area, just a few steps away from a Metro station and short walk away from the famous Amstel River and De Pijp quarter, lies the Volkshotel.

The building housed for many years a newspaper’s offices – and the new owners have taken pains to revive its long history through newsprint wallpaper décor and archive photographs. Featuring bold and bright shades and a somehow quirky design, Volkshotel breathes an air of a vibrant arts centre.

As for the rooms, they are clean and spacious enough – surely a good value for the money you will have to pay. The facilities include a club, a rooftop bar-restaurant serving exquisite samples of the new-Dutch cuisine, as well as an artists-in-residence.

True, the surrounding district has not much to offer, but we are sure you do not plan to visit Amsterdam to just ramble around your hotel.

2. Hotel Dwars

Hotel Dwars

Hidden within a side road but right in the middle of the famous canal district, Hotel Dwars has the famous Carré Theatre and the will joys of Rembrandtplein as its most distinguished neighbours.

The building’s layout features the distinctive narrow Amsterdam style: formidably steep stairs, vintage walls and cozy beds and surprisingly roomy bathrooms – at least for an Amsterdam budget hotel. Surely a fair value for money option, Dwars puts you in a much more central and better location, really close to several nightlife hotspots.

Unfortunately, you cannot expect a breakfast or the usual reception services, but your money will get you an excellently clean room, a soft bed, and a rather convenient location.

3. The Exchange

The Exchange hotel

On a bit more “crazy” spot, just between Amsterdam’s Central Station and the legendary Dam – and dangerously closer to the Red Light District, the Exchange features a truly distinctive décor, created by the most talented students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, with fabrics made under the supervision of the Dutch Textile Museum.

Rooms range from 1-star to 5-star, denoting their size and location within the 3 adjoining buildings. Each one is decorated in its own, distinctive way, well-furnished, comfortable and clean. There is no restaurant, but the nice café next to the building offers excellent breakfasts and dinners.

4. Hotel Not Hotel


Situated in a somehow quieter district, where ambitious start-up designers and famous artists have unleashed their creativity between the arches of an old market arcade, Hotel Not Hotel is more of an art gallery than a hotel – yet, comfort is not compromised.

Meant for a nice, restful sleep and based on the idea that a last minute break to Amsterdam is for sight-seeing and nor for room enclosure, its rooms are simple but cozy, small but practical, unimpressive yet well maintained. A small, laid-back café is actually part of the hotel.

5. 7 Bridges

Seven Bridges Hotel Amsterdam

Seven Bridges is probably the best-located hotel in our list, opposite the famed Seven Bridges site where two of the city’s greatest canals intersect.

Often described as a display case of antiques, including an invaluable Dutch Empire récamier and a 15th century oak staircase, an irreplaceable little Louis XVI table, a Baroque commode and much more, the Seven Bridges Hotel boasts a history of around 3 centuries and is the favorite spot for antiques and vintage enthusiasts and those seeking to unearth some of Amsterdam’s past glory.

If you are lucky –or clever to book them early- you will get one of the rooms facing the canals.

6. Hotel V Frederiksplein

Hotel V Frederiksplein

Right in the middle of Amsterdam’s old centre and the dynamic De Pijp district, Hotel V Frederiksplein is just perfect for hip last minute city breakers with a tight budget that love sightseeing and savoring what the local bars and restaurants have to offer.

With a much more grandeur and impressive interior than the hotels already mentioned, Hotel V features a large lobby area, which also includes a lounge and a bar, with a lovely round fireplace and crescent shaped sofa.

The rooms vary greatly in size and price, as well as décor and style, but there are no extravagances or signs of garishness, and they are all more than comfortable and clean.

7. Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy

Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy

The architecture buff’s best budget choice, this hotel is situated on Amsterdam’s Eastern Islands and stands out as one of the prime new architecture specimens.

A few minutes away (by tram) from Amsterdam’s main hub, the Central Station, and I little longer from the Dam, the Lloyd Hotel features strokes and creations of an array of Dutch designers of the past century.

Some of these rooms seem gargantuan –at least for what you usually see in Amsterdam hotels- and bathrooms a bit more … open-plan than you are used of, but very comfortable and clean. Ranging from 1 to 5 stars based mainly on size, bear in mind that all 1-star rooms share a bathroom.

8. CitizenM Amsterdam City

CitizenM Amsterdam

Almost in Amsterdam’s outskirts, CitizenM hotel is far from cut off from the city’s most vivid parts. The nearby tram connection will take you to the heart of the city in less than 10 minutes, so you miss nothing of the sights and buzz, yet enjoy a peaceful sleep when you need one.

Rooms are rather simple: clean and neat, with just the basic furniture (the beds are really great) and a nice open-plan bathroom, they are meant for those who book them just as a resting base between the rambles in the city. Furthermore, each of them is equipped with a Philips electronic MoodPad that allows you to control ambience.

CitizenM boasts a great value-for-money ratio that gets even better if you book early.

9. Hotel Van Onna

Hotel Van Onna

Located in the centre of the famous Jordaan district, the Van Onna Hotel is comprised of 3 adjacent canal houses, boasting hundreds of years of history.

This respectable family-run hotel is famed for its impeccable operation, exceptional cleanness, and reasonable prices. Rooms are all one needs for a last minute city break to Netherlands: a nice, cozy bed, a place to sit and enjoy your coffee, an adequately equipped bathroom, and, in some cases, captivating views over the canal.

Good value for money, ideal for a few days long stay, with friendly service and surrounded by an array of galleries, shops, restaurants and cafés, Hotel Van Onna should be among your top options.

10. Hotel Brouwer

Hotel Brouwer amsterdam

We close our list with the Brouwer Hotel. Dominating a great spot on one of Amsterdam’s main canals and a short walk away from all great sights, shops, joints and museums, Brouwer Hotel is perfect for those of you who seek to live Amsterdam’s nightlife to the full.

Comprised of 20 spacious –for Amsterdam Standards- rooms, the Brouwer hotel easily stands out with its typical (yet very impressive) 17th-century canal-house forefront. The interior bears the distinctive classic Dutch style, bright colours, well maintained wooden floorings and strokes of vintage here and there.

What’s best, is its friendly, family-like atmosphere; besides, it is owned and run by the same family for over a century! If you want the best blend of location, services, and price, Brouwer can easily be the final winner.

A Break to Amsterdam doesn’t have to get Pricey!

Boasting a history of more than 700 years, Amsterdam is a living museum, offering captivating views of romantic canals running between houses built in long past eras, strangely match with the amenities of a 21st-century metropolis. Although the capital of The Netherlands and seat of the Royal Family, Amsterdam is far from an expensive destination for a last minute break. Budget options are numerous, and the ones mentioned in our list guarantee a comfortable and clean stay – an ideal base for you and your friends who have just a few days to explore and get to know the city and its people.

So, remember: a Last Minute Break to Amsterdam does not have to be pricey! Plan it well, book early, and you will have a great time without draining your bank account!

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