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8 City Breaks you Should try this Weekend – Last Minute City Breaks

8 City Breaks you Should try this Weekend

Listed below is a choice of ideal cities which may appeal to you for a break this weekend. Take some time to browse through and see which city tickles your fancy.

Why not be spontaneous and surprise your loved one with a short break in one of the following cities this weekend? It is a wonderful way to see a city and take in the important sights. A weekend in a European capital is not as expensive as you may think at all and a complete change of scenery does wonders for anyone. Just choose a destination and take off this weekend!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam dates from the 13th century and is like a living museum. With its laid back atmosphere and aura of history it is a perfect city to chose. The best way to see the center is on foot and most of the museums like the Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum are located around Museumplein Square. Take a stroll through Vondelpark which is close by and see the beautiful tulips or other flowers in season. There are often free concerts here in the summer to enjoy. Bicycles are the best form of transport to explore the narrow streets and canals. Anne Frank’s house is well worth a visit, a 17th century canal house – best visited in the afternoon to avoid queuing. Visit the 17th century Royal Palace in the heart of the city and admire the beautiful architecture. Stop for a Heineken beer in Leiden Square and be entertained by the street artists, or just watch the people passing by. Take a night canal cruise to view the city at its most enchanting. Last but certainly not least, is the famous red light district – Rossebuurt. As prostitution is the oldest profession, so too, this district is the oldest in the city with its 14th century layout of streets and canals. It is worth a visit but leave the kids at home!

Barcelona, Spain

A weekend in Barcelona is ideal for seeing most of the top attractions the city has to offer. Stroll around the Old Town, Ciutat Vella, there are three areas: El Gotico, El Born and Barceloneta, all are filled with history and each have their own character and flavour. Passageig de Gracia is the best shopping street in town but is also lined with modernistic buildings of interest for the architecture. There is a small garden at the end of the street called Jardins del Palau Robert where you can sit and decide where to go next in lovely surroundings. Caso Batllo is the most famous landmark of the city, a very modern building which looks beautiful at night. Visit Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, an amazing Gaudi masterpiece with incredible views of the whole of Barcelona from its towers. Get there early in the morning (8-9 am), in order to avoid queuing for hours. Les Ramlas is the best known street in this beautiful city, with small churches, street markets and buildings which should not be missed. Montjuic Castle is the perfect spot to watch the sun set over the city. Lastly, the Magic Fountain or Font Magica is a place of enchantment with water, colour and music.

Rome, Italy

Rome – the “Eternal City”. Many would think that Rome would need at least a month to explore it properly – and they would be 100% right. But, a weekend in Rome can be equally fascinating – the secret is to decide in advance one or two of the city’s main attractions and devote your weekend just on them. After all, you have more than enough options. Rome is one of the most significant historic and cultural metropolises of the world. Once the most long lasting ancient European empire, Rome has been adorned with the riches of the world. Its centuries of supremacy are breathed in every neighborhood and piazza. Either in summer – Rome’s high season – or any other season, you can always find proper excellent accommodation – but if your budget poses a problem, prefer visiting the city either in the middle of August, during the holiday of Ferragosto, or sometime in the fall – especially if the rain and low temperatures do not bother you. Another great time would be the period from April to June, just after the conclusion of the Easter holiday, when most tourist are already gone and the mild weather is just perfect for roaming around the city’s sights.

Venice, Italy

La bella Venezia, one of the most beautiful, bewitching cities in the world, attracting millions of visitors each year. Venice is a simply wonderful weekend city break option, considered by most Europeans as one of the most important cultural centres of humanity. Alive with monuments of immense charm, for the most part from the days when the city dominated the Mediterranean, Venice has been officially considered since 1987 a World Heritage site. Situated on the northwestern side of the gulf facing the Adriatic Sea, and with a mild Mediterranean climate, Venice can easily become your next weekend break destination any time of the year. Once the beating heart of a potent naval empire, Venice gradually became a truly one of a kind environmental and architectural marvel, almost nothing like any other city in the world. The majestic panorama of palaces adorned with marble and works of impeccable art, the impressive towers, the splendid domes, and gondolas crossing the canals – a combination of wonders that are nowhere else to be found. Grasping anyone’s imagination simply by the sound of its name, Venice has been admired and loved as no other city in Europe – and is just a few hours away. Just pick a weekend in your calendar and make a present to yourself.

Florence, Italy

All of us have probably heard that visiting Florence is just one in a life time experience, but few know exactly why. In fact, Florence is an explosion of sights and attractions, which require more than a weekend to be properly explored. But, that does not mean that a short weekend break would be such a bad idea – far from it. Florence, to begin with, is an enormous labyrinth of architectural treasures that most visitors describe as simply breathtaking. Visiting Florence means strolling around the city – you will simply never get enough of it. Florence is also the home of some of the world’s greatest art galleries, such as the Uffizi Gallery. Having the chance to see up close the works of renowned masterpieces made by Michelangelo, Sandro Botticelli and Donatello is simply amazing. Last of all, Florence is well known for its food and delicacies. Good food has a long and highly esteemed tradition in this city, from the most expensive restaurant to the simple neighborhood tavern. So, Florence means amazing sights, wonderful art and exceptional food. What else would you ask from a weekends break destination?

Paris, France

Probably some of you already wonder why Paris has not been put first on the list. Well, we actually wanted to present some destinations you haven’t thought of. But, no matter how we tried, Paris found a way to sneak into our list again. If you haven’t been in Paris yet, you have committed a crime against yourself and your partner. Paris is unique destination just for the great variety of experiences that offers its visitors. A city of contrasts right from the beginning of its long and glorious history, Paris breathes an air of romance and elegance that pervades every district, every neighborhood. History, culture, unending shopping and the world’s most sophisticated food can be the epitome of your weekend in Paris. Boasting one of the most advanced transportation systems in Europe, Paris offers you the opportunity to see most of its sights and attractions in a relatively short amount of time. Strolling the Banks of Seine, getting lost inside the Louvre and roaming around the Montmartre, it won’t be difficult to get caught by the Bohemian and romantic atmosphere that made Paris one of the best destinations for newlyweds and seekers of relaxation and inspiration.

Vienna, Italy

Next, Vienna, the gem of central Europe: exceptional architecture, serene parks, and lavish works of art, make Vienna a truly fantastic destination for your upcoming weekend break. If you need some more specific reasons to pick Vienna for your weekend just picture yourself inside the Schönbrunn Palace, a 17th century marvel designed for the famous taste of Maria Theresa. Except for the stunning decoration, you can also check out the hall where Mozart presented as a prodigy his first concerts. Or maybe try to imagine wondering around the Hofburg Palace, which is equally impressive. Another excellent option, especially if you love the Opera, is visiting the “Vienna State Opera”, a majestic building dominating the city’s centre. If food is what usually convinces you to make a journey, then bear in mind that in Vienna you will have the chance to enjoy an original Sacher-Torte, the “notorious” dark chocolate dessert, as well as about a hundred kinds of authentic Viennese chocolate!


Finally, we will conclude our short list with Stockholm, a city widely regarded as one of the world’s most clean and well organized cities. Situated upon 14 small islands, Stockholm possesses a strange charm that always lingers inside the visitors mind. The sparkling waters form the city’s most distinguishing feature, along with the numerous parks and green spaces. But Stockholm has a lot more to offer its visitors than the stunning physical scenery: castles, the Medieval old town and a wide variety of museums and art galleries. All locals master English, are exceptionally friendly and polite and will love to help you trace the best restaurants in the city.

To sum up

Just be impulsive for once and surprise both yourself and your friends or family by doing something really wild this weekend! Break the bonds of boredom and widen your horizons, even just for a couple of days. A weekend break in a European city is not as costly as you think and a change of environment will surely lift your spirits up. So, pick up a destination and take this weekend off!