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Last Minute Venice City Break Guide 2017 – Last Minute City Breaks


Venice is simply an ideal “Short City Break” option – and you probably know why!

City Breaks in Venice – Why Do it

  • Visit the most romantic city in the world.
  • Enjoy the wonderful local cuisine.
  • Nothing can be compared to Venice’s canals.
  • It is the best place in the world to get lost!
  • Cicchetti – Italy’s most famous snak!
  • Explore some of the most important historical monuments in the world.

Venezia is a world famous major seaport in North Italy, capital of the homonymous provincia of Venezia and, arguably, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Venice attracts millions of tourists every year and is ranked among humanity’s most significant cultural and architectural heritages: boasting numerous unparalleled buildings, monuments and historical sights, mainly from the days when the city’s ruling class dominated most of the Mediterranean Sea, Venice easily won in 1987 its place into the list of World Heritage sites. The wonderful scenery of palaces exceptionally adorned with marble and frescos, the imposing towers, the noble domes, the elegant gondolas and the encircling waters of the lagoon that leads to the Adriatic sea form an amalgam which is simply nowhere else to be find.

General landscape & Climate

Venice dominates the northwestern side of the gulf facing the Adriatic Sea. It is situated on a C-shaped lagoon of almost 50 kilometres. The lagoon is not very deep and is full of sandbanks which form 3 major openings that allow sea vessels to gain access into the lagoon. Upon these formations lie several resorts, like the widely famous Lido.

The Lagoon

The famous lagoon was actually formed by certain sea currents that were combined with the river mouths of Piave, Sile, Bacchiglione and Brenta. It has always served Venice’s most vital interests, either regarding food supply, trading or safety.

Curiously, the lagoon can also lead to the city’s doom, if not carefully preserved. High tides combined with stormy winds can easily cause the city to flood. Due to several geological reasons the land is steadily sinking.

The “Dogado”

The “Dogado” is the part of the mainland surrounding the lagoon.  The perimeter that is nowadays included to the city’s administration is almost 90 miles wide, including the industrial districts of Mestre and Marghera as well as Venice’s international airport.

The Climate

Venice features a fairly usual Mediterranean climate. During the summer, average daytime temperatures reach 24° to 27° C. The humidity levels are always high, often causing a haze in the atmosphere around the city.

On the contrary, during the spring and fall winds almost always clear the view towards the Alps, offering some relief from the excruciating heat. Rains are not unusual but seldom do they last more than a few hours.

During the winter average temperatures can drop to 2.2° C. Rains are often but mild. The humidity dresses the city with a misty appearance that somehow adds to its charm and mystery.

The City’s character

City's Character and Culture

Venice is actually an island city, once the beating heart of a mighty naval hegemony and the cultural lore of Europe for a significant period of time. It is an utterly unique environmental and architectural marvel, called during the Renaissance La serenissima, “the most serene”. (more about Venice)

Venice is almost nothing like any other European city. Its peculiar island character has preserved the city’s spread around its traditional core. Its canal network, combined, with its typical narrow streets and paths has kept cars and other sorts of modern transportation away.

Holding an unsurpassed place in everyone’s imagination, Venice has been singed and praised, depicted in paintings and movies, admired and loved as no other city in the world. Once you get there, believe us, you will feel like being transported into another world, where charm and beauty never fade away.


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