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Best Short Breaks in Cornwall – Last Minute City Breaks


Why Cornwall

  • Crescent-shaped fantastic beaches
  • One of the most popular surfing destinations in Europe
  • Relaxing, Breathtaking views
  • No more than a couple of hours away for most of you
  • Windsurfing is simply amazing
  • Amazing cuisine
  • Lovely fishing villages and harbour towns
  • Leisurely coastal walks

A “must visit” – and for good many reasons.

Cornwall, the gem of southwestern England, is actually Britain’s spear thrusting into the Atlantic Ocean.  Having Truro as its administrative centre, Cornwall takes pride with its stunning beaches, picturesque villages, and magnificent sea views.

Cornwall has capitalized on its stunning physical beauty and has become a major tourist destination, especially for surfers and windsurfers of all levels of skill and experience, who can find here some of the greatest waves in Europe for their favorite sport. From wide and sandy to the steep-cliffed, boulder-strewn boldly facing the ocean’s menacing waves, you will surely find among them the landscape the best suits you.

At the same time, numerous small fishing ports—such as St. Ives, Newquay, and Polperro— have become vibrant resorts, magnetizing people seeking to rest and retire, either for some days or the rest of their lives. Its balmy climate and extended sunshine sets a magnificent scenery of sub-tropical gardens, boasting a vast variety of blossoming plantation, nowhere else to be found in Britain.

Its combination of turquoise waters, clifftop walks, excellent local cuisine and stylish hotels add spice to its unrivaled physical charm. And, the best thing about it? It is no more than a couple of hours away from most of us.

Climate & Best Time for your Short Holiday

As already mentioned, Cornwall’s climate is pleasantly mild, mainly because of the sea. Rainfall is frequent and heavy, but temperatures rise considerably during the summer and fall a bit in winter.

Obviously, summer is the best time to visit Cornwall, but some short trips during the fall and spring will also prove rewarding.

General Landscape

Cornwall’s upland areas inland are a series of intrusions forming distinctive open heathlands. Its coastal region, on the other hand, features a rare variety of rock formations, creating its unique landscape that stretches for miles along the seashore.

Unique City Break Feature: by far the best beaches in the UK.