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Best Short Breaks in Edinburgh – Last Minute City Breaks


Why Edinburgh

  • Experience the genuine Scottish hospitality
  • Dive into the city’s mystic history
  • Incredible views from the Queensferry Crossing
  • Notorious Nightlife
  • Brace yourself for some wild shopping
  • Unsurpassed outdoor spaces
  • Roam Harry Potter’s birth city
  • Go time traveling
  • Hidden Door Festival – just… fantastic!


A “must visit” – and for good many reasons.

Edinburgh, Scotland’s pride and joy, dominating the southern shore of the Firth of Forth and the historic county of Midlothian, it is nicely set with crags and hills, above which its lofty dark stone spires conspicuously rise.

Edinburgh is the epitome of survival. Many calamities have tested its people, but the city somehow always found a way to reborn. Nowadays it serves as the major centre for finance, law, tourism, education, and cultural affairs in Scotland, with more than half a millions residents.


Besides it great historical and cultural significance, Edinburgh offers some of the best outdoor spaces in Britain, from the 650 acres Holyrood Park to the bewitching Water of Leith Walkway and Arthur’s Seat, as well as the chance to experience the genuine Scottish hospitality.

Boasting now the long-awaited Queensferry Crossing, which joins the Forth Road Bridge and the Forth Rail Bridge in linking the Edinburgh City Region to Fife and the North, Edinburgh is now more accessible than ever and offers some jaw-dropping views of the whole structure and neighboring landscape.

The city’s renowned festivals, such as the Edinburgh International Festival, the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and the Hidden Door Festival attract thousands of visitors each year, turning the city into a huge venue of great music, excellent food, and vibrant nightlife. Its castles, museums, attractions and excellent shopping make its appeal even more irresistible.

Climate & Best Time for your City Break

Edinburgh has a mild climate, mainly because of its proximity to the sea, which harnesses the winds and temperatures. Winters are warm, while summers are cool, with temperatures rarely rising above 70 °F. The only problem is its short-living sunshine.

Hence, most would say that the best time to visit Edinburgh is the summer when average high temperatures rise to a pleasant 65 degrees. Still, this eulogy is also the city’s curse, since during that time its streets and hotels are flooded with visitors and rates escalate fast.

So, if you do not like crowds and you travel on a budget, opt for the winter and early spring, when you can find excellent bargains, except during the Hogmanay festival.

Spring and early fall, on the other hand, are equally interesting periods –not the best- but you will certainly enjoy it. The weather is relatively mild, and the small number of visitors compensates for all summer losses.

General Landscape

Landscape Edinburgh

Occupying the slope between the Pentland Hills and the broad Firth of Forth estuary, Edinburgh seat upon upthrusts of lava. One of them, the famous Arthur’s Seat, rises more than 250 metres high, dominating the city’s southeastern side. Generally speaking, Edinburgh boasts one of the most captivating blends of natural and built environment in Europe, with terraces of stone confronting soaring thrusts.

Edinburgh’s beating heart, the Old Town’s Castle Rock, is actually more of a basalt seal of the underlying volcano, mastered by the illustrious Edinburgh Castle. The New Town’s northwestern boundary is the bank of Edinburgh’s sole watercourse, the Water of Leith.

The City’s character

Edinburgh aesthetic core lies hidden in the Old Town and the New Town. The first, of medieval origins, overlooks the surrounding plain, while the latter spreads out in a beguiling array of streets, crescents, and terraces.

Clearly, Edinburgh is a city of contrasts, but still deeply Scottish, breathing warmth and vivacity. Besides, its people are known as passionate and proud of their inheritance, as well as its celebrated authors, artists, and scientists.

Unique City Break Feature: a genuine and fantastic slug of Scotland!