City Breaks in Oxford – Why Do it 

  • Oxford castle: a former hotel and prison can now serve as your hotel!
  • X: visit the local Museums and learn words that begin with that letter…
  • Fabulous architecture.
  • O
  • Read your favorite rare book in the largest Bookstore in the world.
  • Drink side by side with the students.


Oxfords is a “City Break must” – and for several good reasons.

Oxford is less than 85 kilometres away from London and is a favorite destination for both scholars and short break visitors for many years. It combines the traits of a classical countryside English city, with its long and rich academic history and the wonderful architecture.

General LandscapeOxford Landscape

The rivers Cherwell and Thames, which is usually called “Isis” run through Oxford and join south of the city’s centre. Oxford has a maritime temperate climate.

The City’s character

River Thames

Oxford is mainly known as the home of the oldest university in the English speaking world, and that cultural heritage has greatly influenced its general character. Still, Oxford has other equally interesting and charming features. Visitors love taking a relaxing boat ride along a beautiful countryside stretch of the river Thames and stroll around the city, marveling at the beautiful architecture and exploring the wonderful local museums.

Oxford is also known as the “City of Spires” because of its charming skyline of Gothic towers and steeples most of which belong to the local University and were erected from the 15th to the 17th century.


Unique City Break Feature: it’s just a stone’s throw from London.



Oxford is a city that blends medieval charm with the modern world.  It is a place you can visit at any time of the year and has a temperate climate.  Most people choose to come in the summer months when the students have all departed.  Every season has its charm and there are various festivals and events taking place all through the year.  Here are a few:


  • Literary Festival takes place from 2nd-10th.
  • Folk Week-end from the 15th-17th


  • Oxford Jazz Festival – is held on the 20th.
  • Wood’s Festival from May 20th-26th with music & workshops.
  • Wine Festival on May 21st.
  • “Bumps” Rowing Regatta” held during Eight’s Week from May 25th – 28th it is a 4 day event.
  • The Common People Festival involves dance & music workshops – 28th-29th.


  • Offbeat Festival has theatre, dance, comedy, 20-26th.
  • Lord Mayor’s Celebrations with street parades, floats and parties – date to be confirmed.
  • Oxford Shakespeare Festival – 8 weeks with 4 different Shakespearean theatrical productions from June 20th 
  • until August 13th.
  • Art’s Festival – A colourful mix of music, literature, theatre and art – June 17th – July 2nd.


  • Alice Day – July 2nd.  Wonderland tea parties, croquet, storytelling and various workshops.
  • Cowley Carnival with live music, processions and street parties – date to be confirmed.
  • Summer Music Festival from July 15th–17th.


  • Wilderness Festival 4th-7th – Live music, open-air theatre, troubadours and various workshops. There is a kid’s corner with stage, crafts, overnight camps & insect circus museum.


  • Oxford Chamber Music Festival – annual get together for friends and musicians from around the world.  Date to be confirmed.


  • Oxford Beer Festival –the date is yet to be confirmed.