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Getting Around – Last Minute City Breaks

Public Transportation

  1. The Subway

Barcelona’s Subway is as a sparkling clean and adequately air-conditioned metro system designed to transport locals and tourists quickly to the most central tourist attractions and important spots of the city – just ideal for short city breaks: quick and sufficiently punctual, especially during the summer, when heat is often unbearable. On the other hand, should you want to visit more some more unknown and “genuine” – as to everyday life – parts of the city, the sub won’t do. Routes and time schedules can be found here.

  1. Bus

Bus transportation is relatively quick but not as punctual as the sub – still a great way to move around the centre, especially when want to see as much as you can in just a few days. Best way to get some reliable information about bus routes is visit the official website.

Other Options…

  1. Taxi

If you have lots of friends with you, bear in mind that there are taxis for 6 passengers, but finding one in the road won’t prove easy; better call a taxi agency to be sure. You can find some here .Taxis, unlike other European cities, are not so expensive. Featuring a distinguishing blend of yellow and black, they are easily spotted from distance. A 10 minute route will cost you around 7 – 8 Euros, but, just in case, always check the car’s meter. Taxi drivers are obliged to display the rates in plain sight. Tips are not obligatory.

Experienced and usually polite taxi drivers will take you almost anywhere, but note that Barcelona’s centre is full of malls and promenades and the roads crossing them are narrow and crowded. Barcelona’s centre calls for the sub, or for strolling, not for taxis. Since short city breaks focus mainly on major sights, you will probably need a taxi after a long day of exploring the city on foot, feeling too exhausted to walk back to your hotel.

  1. Car Hires

Car hires is not a very popular option among “short city break” visitors in Barcelona, mainly because public transportation and walking are considered the best ways for a foreigner to get around the city. Car hires would be a good option only if you plan some short day trips to sights and villages outside the city or if, for some reason, you feel uncomfortable with lots of people around you. Should you wish to get an idea of car renting in Barcelona, click here.

  1. Walking

Everyone that has visited Barcelona, especially the city’s centre, will tell you that the best way to explore the city is walking. Distances between most sights in the centre are easily walked, and a relaxing stroll through the malls will help you grasp the city’s authentic feel, especially if you are interested in Barcelona’s architectural marvels.