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Getting Around – Last Minute City Breaks

Public Means of Transportation

London has one of the best and largest public transport systems in the world covering the 32 boroughs of the city.

The best way of travelling around the city and sightseeing at the same time is by the famous London red double-decker buses.  You cannot pay for your fare in cash on the bus but have to purchase either

  • a Visitor’s Oyster card,
  • Travelcard
  • or Contactless Payment card.

For travel on buses and trams around London you will pay a maximum of £4.50 per day (E5.72) without a card.  By using one of the above-mentioned forms of payment the fare is £2.40 (E3.00).  Should your Oyster card run out of money, you are permitted one more journey before you top up your credit.

You can buy a Visitor’s Oyster card before you leave home.  It will be posted to you and costs £3.00 (E3.81) plus postage.

  • One day bus & tram £ 5.00
  • 7 days 20
  • 1 month 50

Separate London Bus Tours.

There are also separate London Bus tours available. Trams operate frequently in parts of South London between Wimbledon, Croydon, Beckenham & New Addington.


Travel on the Underground or Tube is by far the quickest way to get around London.  There are 12 tube lines and prices vary according to which zone you are travelling.  Zones are numbered, with the City of London being Zone 1.  Numbers increase the further you travel from the center.

Visitor’s Oyster card prices (these are recommended prices for the amount of days of your stay in the city and depending on how much travelling you do in a day).

  • 1-2 days travel £20 card
  • 3-4 days £30
  • One week £50


London Black Taxis charge by meter and there is a minimum £2.40 (E3.00) charge.  Tip as much as you wish but usually most people round off the fare to the nearest £.  You just flag down the cab on the street.  They are obliged to take on any job for journeys up to 12 miles (or 20 miles for cabs at Heathrow Airport, or up to one hour’s travel time).

Yellow cabs are free if the sign at the front is lit up.

Minicabs are cheaper but you must book by telephone only.


Hire a bicycle, the first half an hour is free of charge, it is an ideal to get around town and costs only £2.00 for 24 hours (E2.54).

On Foot

The cheapest way to see the city is of course on ‘Shank’s Pony’ or on foot! There are plenty of walking tours to choose from if you want a guide and company.