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Portable Espresso Machine Review 2017 – Last Minute City Breaks

Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine – Buyer’s Guide

The Minipresso is described by the manufacturer as “a miracle of coffee preparation.”


The Minipresso is described by the manufacturer as “a miracle of coffee preparation.” We agree with this description.

Minipresso is a hand-powered espresso machine, featuring an elegant design that succeeds its inventor’s primary goal: a device that would produce a great cup of caffeinated espresso wherever, whenever.

Packing a surprisingly massive punch for its light weight and small size, it certainly does not stand equal with a standard coffee machine, but still, its coffee is remarkably good.


Very easy to fill and operate, the Minipresso delivers a cup of creamy coffee that will dwarf any espresso originating from a conventional coffee house.

The actual operation of the device requires the following very simple steps:

  • remove the cup
  • open the top
  • remove the filter basket
  • fill it with a scoop of coffee
  • press the coffee with the back of the scoop
  • place it back
  • screw the top back on
  • then unscrew the bottom-part
  • fill it with boiling water
  • screw it back on
  • turn the device around
  • unlock the piston
  • pump around 7 times to pressurize the system and infuse the coffee
  • pump again several times
  • by now, you should see the shot flowing.

What is interesting is that it does not require compressed air, N20 cartridges or even electricity! It possesses an integrated semi-automatic piston, which unlocks from its carrying position. You can press that to control the amount of extracted coffee. In the meantime, water is injected into the coffee adapter and, with a few pushes, you finally achieve the ideal extraction pressure and an excellent cup of espresso.

Cleaning is also pretty straightforward:

  • remove the top
  • remove the filter basket and wash it with plenty of water
  • fill the bottom container with hot water and put it back
  • put back the filter basket and the top
  • pump the water
  • rinse it thoroughly and wipe it.

That is it!

Other Interesting Characteristics

Minipresso feels you with trust from the first moment you touch it: weighty, robust, with a rarely ergonomic design.

Surprisingly, the filter basket is upside down during the operation.

Its most distinctive characteristic is its built-in cup and scoop, making it a perfect solution for your holidays, camping ventures, long car drives or working sessions. Surely, an excellent travel accessory and a valuable companion for all espresso addicts craving this creamy treasure during their heavy schedule.


Our Conclusion

Undoubtedly an excellent value for money, the Minipresso will not disappoint all espresso buffs out there. We certainly recommend it, for the result will be as rich in flavour and creamy as a true lover of this Italian miracle should expect. It definitely surpasses in quality and taste most of the espressos you will be served in ordinary cafés – except if you plan to travel to its place of origin, Italy!

To sum it up: excellent coffee for less than half the price you usually pay for a much inferior version. Adding the fact that you can carry it with you whenever and wherever you may go, Minipresso surely deserves our respect and applaud.

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