20 Cheap Weekend breaks under £100

Weekend city breaks – and not necessarily in cities – are just perfect for all of us who thirst for relaxation, widen our horizons and experience something different than the rush and battlefields of our desk and office.

Weekends are a usual oasis in the desert of our workaholic schedule. City breaks are much more than that – a small taste of a different carefree life. Wouldn’t be great if we could just merge them once in a while?

Weekend city breaks – and not necessarily in cities – are just perfect for all of us who thirst for relaxation, widen our horizons and experience something different than the rush and battlefields of our desk and office. But, a depressing thought clouds your dreams: budget. We simply cannot afford spending a month’s wages just to get a weekend’s escape. But the good news is that you simply do not have to spend a month’s wages for a weekend’s city break.

We have gathered for you 20 ideas for a cheap weekend break that will cost you no more than £100 per person! Intriguing?

Just take a look to the most cost – effective yet fascinating short breaks.

Lake DistrictWarsaw



Edinburgh would need a whole article just to mention the various reasons to visit this wonderful city.

From the historical medieval buildings of the Old Town to the charms of the Georgian New Town, Edinburgh is rightly considered as one of the most attractive cities not just in Britain, but in the whole world. It is also picked as a favourite city break destination from famous bloggers in travel industry.

So, what would be best for a quick city break with limited budget?


Visit Glasgow

Once Glasgow has once been an emblem of the British Empire and through its industrial and commercial power has gained wealth and fame.

Nowadays, this glorious past has left its seal upon the city’s streets, inviting you to explore them. Still Glasgow has not remained glued to the past: the city has reborn itself as the cultural powerhouse of music, creative arts, theatre, design and innovative cuisine.

An economical fascinating city break choice, that will surely leave you with the desire to return as soon as possible.



Brighton is just the place to visit if you don’t want to go too far from London. A simply lovable and somehow unconventional city, where one simply can never get bored.

The best thing to do is just stroll its streets, visit the famous “Lanes” to check on antiques and explore the flea markets of the North Lanes.

True enough, the Brighton Pier, with its arcade and rides can lay a trap for your limited budget, but I’m sure you can cope.


Cornwall is a Cheap Destination

Cornwall is just perfect for all of you seeking a breath of fresh sea air and majestic scenery.

Cornwall’s emblem has always been its superb coastline: almost 500 kms of sand and cliffs, adorned here and there by old harbours and creeks surrounded by bocages.


Devon is another excellent weekend break option. The charming beaches and spectacular scenery will surely relieve your stress within minutes.

But that’s not all.

Devon has a lot more than that though. You can also visit the National Parks or the “Lundy Island marine reserve” to see up close the seals and basking sharks.

Roam around the charming little villages and explore its old architecture. If you are a bit more adventurous, there are plenty of extreme sports options.



Norfolk is another excellent short break destination, known for its unending series of events throughout the year.

Miles of majestic coastline, the charming countryside and the serene forests, along with Nature reserves – just ideal for those of you who love nature and find walking and cycling an excellent way to forget the rat – race of the city.



Suffolk is a region that demands some time and devotion to fully reveal its charms and beauties.

The charming seaside resorts of Dunwich, Orford and Aldeburgh are what you need for a relaxing and economical weekend break.

Inland, the rural villages and the charming little towns of Bungay and St. Edmunds wait to reveal their rich local history and wonderful cuisine.



Yorkshire is just the place for those of you closely link rest and relaxation with good food. Yorkshire is widely considered the best place to eat and drink in Britain.


Oxford City Breaks

Probably the world’s most famous centre of learning, Oxford is a unique amalgam of medieval charms and modern city features.

In spite of its kind of “snooty”, academic air, the city is filled with a modern dynamism, which charming cafés, plenty of shops and some of the best restaurants in the country.

Lake District


Let us conclude our list with the wonderful Lake District, Britain’s most stunning scenery, with the green landscapes and majestic views.

Climb the great Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain for a weekend full of adventure and explore the valley of Wasdale and the Hill Top farmhouse in Near Sawrey, the lore of most of Harry Potter’s adventures.

Although some consider a weekend city break abroad a waste of time and nothing more than a physical ordeal, many of us have the strength and energy to travel abroad, even just for two days. After all, planes can get you almost anywhere in Europe in just a few hours.

So, here are the ten most economical destinations around Europe for a wonderful -and cheap- weekend break.



There is no reason to expatiate on why we should visit Athens at least once in our life time.

As the rightly considered lore of the western civilization, Athens is just a few hours away and offers impeccable accommodation options for reasonable prices, especially before the summer months.

Culture, history, the famous Parthenon up on the Acropolis, some of the best museums around the globe and, of course the renowned nightlife, guarantee you an unforgettable weekend city break!



The continuous collapse of the Russian ruble has forced prices to drop considerably during the last 3 years.

Moscow is a wonderful choice, a bit far no doubt, but still offering a wide range of unique experiences.

Except for offering you the chance to travel through ages just by walking through the streets, you can marvel the beauty of Russian architecture; visit the Kremlin and the famous Kolomenskoe Museum, as well as a great number of exceptional museums and galleries.

The recently renovated Bolshoi Theatre offers world-famous opera and ballet performances and the parks have undoubtedly become the pride of Moscow. Need more reasons?



Prague is an architectural paradise: Romanesque chapels and cellars, Gothic cathedrals, Baroque palaces and gardens and worldly Art Nouveau buildings make it a place with no parallel in the world.

Indeed, Prague’s views are breathtaking 365 days a year. In addition, Prague is just ideal for those of you who love classical music or consider beer the best drink in the world.



Dubrovnik has the unique ability to inspire a sense of awe every time you feast your eyes on the charms off the old town.

The city’s marble streets, baroque buildings and the seemingly endless shimmer of the Adriatic, as well as the old city walls that still seem to protect the city will surely make you feel your journey to Croatia was an excellent choice.


Lisbon city break under 100

Its warm climate and sandy beaches, along with the extremely affordable prices and impeccable accommodation infrastructure, make Lisbon a wonderful weekend break choice.

With the Atlantic Ocean on one side, so you can indulge in your favorite water sports throughout the whole weekend or just sunbathe and relax beside the sea.

The city’s vibrant nightlife and abundant cultural and historical attractions will only to the simply innumerable options to spend a nice weekend.



As Poland’s most important city, Krakow attracts millions of city break visitors every year, not only because of the city’s long and rich history but of the numerous attractions.

Krakow also offers you a wide range of choices in food and relaxation, with hundreds of restaurants and cafes. Another of the city’s traits is that most of the city’s inhabitants speak English fluently.

Finally, Krakow is an excellent city break choice especially for weekends, because it not as big as other European cities.

It is rather easy to explore it on foot and most of its attractions are very close to each other.



Riga is mostly known for its cultural life – especially for the Latvian National Opera, where world – class level artists gather each year.

Still Riga, has lot more to offer to a visitor that has only two days to explore it. Riga’s architecture is charming yet diverse Gothic churches, medieval buildings in the Old Town and exquisite Art Nouveau have made Riga a true architectural marvel.

Finally, local cuisine offers a wonderful combination of tastes that will surely resemble a fascinating gastronomic journey.


Budapest weekend

Budapest, a unique combination of older ages and modern world, is not just Hungary’s capital but one of Europe’s most important cultural and historic centres.

To be sure, exploring Budapest would require a few hundreds of weekend breaks, but surely having more options than you can handle is not necessarily a bad thing!

From its famous thermal springs, the relaxing spa, the great variety of economical but excellent accommodation, the vivid nightlife and the wide variety of restaurants that invite you to explore the local cuisine’s exquisite tastes to the plentiful historical attractions, Budapest will surely bewitch you.



Vilnius still waits to get more widely recognised for its beauty. A wonderful series of baroque houses, inviting alleyways and colourful are wonderfully mingled with vibrant pubs and bars as well as romantic restaurants.

If you love history, Vilnius will not disappoint you. Being pagan until the end of the 14th century, and a symbol of the cold War disputes, Vilnius will help feel many of its tragic yet glorious pages of its past.



Warsaw was literally obliterated by the Nazis during World War II and most of the city’s inhabitants were either killed or forced to leave their houses.

Still, when the war ended locals did their best to rebuild their favorite city, making Warsaw a strange amalgam of its long aged past dressed in relatively new architectural attire.

The city’s wonderful green spaces, the local cuisine, as well as the city’s vibe will make your weekend break a truly memorable one.

Still wavering?

All the above destinations can offer you and your companions a truly wonderful weekend for less than 100 pounds per person. So, why are you still wavering? Brace yourself and just pick your destination!